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Our products

Ekipa Tasi Mos produces a variety of products through the use of recycled bottle caps that are found on the local beaches of Atauro Island.  We collect plastic debris and sort and record our findings onto a data sheet that is uploaded onto the AMDI Database. We are only recycling the type of plastics that is used for bottle caps (HDPE), at the moment. We hope to expand to use other plastic types in the future.

Our products are (Prices in USD):

Coasters - $5 each                            Fruit Baskets - $10 to $15                      Art pieces - Geckos, $3




Process of recycling

Once we have collected the marine debris from our beach clean ups, we separate the plastic bottle tops from the rest of the debris as we use these for our recycling. To make sure there are no defects while creating our products, we manually clean each individual bottle top of any sorts of dirt or grime still on it. Once they have been thoroughly cleaned, we put it in a machine that shreds the plastic bottle tops into fine pieces. We then put these shredded pieces into a machine which heats them to their melting point and pushes it out of a nozzle into a mold

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